No Smoking Day Message to Schools

“The one who is healthy and happy will always be successful in his life….. And smoking makes you unhealthy and unhappy….. Best wishes on No Smoking Day.”

“On No Smoking Day, promise yourself that you will never surrender yourself to this bad habit which can spoil your life.”

“You have seen beautiful dreams and this life is all about making those dreams come true…. Best wishes on No Smoking Day to you.”

“Don’t let your goals fade away in the smoke of cigarettes….. stay clear and focused…. Happy No Smoking Day to the school and students.”

“School is the place to study and life is the blessing from God….. Value it by not smoking…. Best wishes on No Smoking Day.”

“Those who smoke are weak because you don’t find focus or strength outside in cigarettes, it is within you.”

“Anti smoking is promising yourself good health and great success, give up on smoking and embrace life.”

“On occasion of No Smoking Day, I wish you all the strength to be against smoking and be with your dreams.”

“School is the place where you learn and prepare yourself for success, it is not a place to smoke.”

“Anti smoking is caring about yourself and your life….. That is the kind of responsibility you learn in school and prepare for your future.”

“No Smoking is the best way to live and stay healthy.”

“Future is always bright for those who are away from smoking.”

“If you smoke then you are putting your bright future into dullness.”

“No Smoking is the solution of many problems in your life.”

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