World AIDS Day Awareness Messages

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With a red ribbon and liberal mindset, let’s inspire those who have been fighting against this dreadful disease.

As long as it’s about HIV, hate the disease, but not the diseased. Spread awareness, not ignorance.

Best wishes on Aids Day! Hate Aids, Respects the Aids patients.

With our love and compassion, we can end this horrible disease and make our future AIDS-free.

Let’s end all the discrimination, speak up for their equal rights and show our solidarity to HIV or AIDS patients.

Raising awareness about Aids is the best way to put an end to hatred for the disease.

Let’s spread awareness instead of misconceptions. It is high time to end all of the social stigmas regarding this disease.

Until now, AIDS is incurable, but we can change our perspective and attitude towards the people who are suffering by creating awareness.

Warm wishes on Aids Day! Let us eradicate Aids hatred with our compassion and understanding.

Ignorance isn’t always bliss. AIDS was able to take many lives because we were ignorant about this disease. But we can ensure an AIDS-free world by making everyone aware of this disease.

For a safe and better future, we have to change our mentality and spread awareness.

Today, let’s make our world a better place for those suffering from this fatal disease.

AIDS is incurable, but through raising awareness, we may shift our viewpoint and attitude toward those who are suffering.

Let us motivate people who have been facing this horrible disease with a tolerant approach, show them they deserve compassion.

Let us put a stop to all forms of prejudice and discrimination, and express our support for HIV/AIDS sufferers.

We can ensure an AIDS-free world by raising awareness of the illness among people. Raise awareness to commemorate the lost, and to save the living.

This picture was submitted by Smita Haldankar.

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