World AIDS Day Messages

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“The occasion of World AIDS Day reminds us that we must treat people with aids with respect and equality. Wishing a very Happy World AIDS Day.”

“On the occasion of World AIDS Day, we must all come together and offer our emotional and moral support to those who are fighting the battle against AIDS.”

“We all need to have a liberal mindset and open arms towards those who are suffering from AIDS to make this journey easier. Warm wishes on World AIDS Day.”

“It is high time that we wake up and accept people with AIDS because ignoring them can make them weaker. Happy World AIDS Day to all.”

“On the occasion of World AIDS Day, we must not forget that with our support and love, we can help many patients with AIDS feel a lot better. Happy World AIDS Day.”

“The occasion of World AIDS Day reminds each one of us that with love and care, we can heal the patients suffering from AIDS.”

This picture was submitted by Smita Haldankar.

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