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When you open your eyes in the morning, first of all thank the God for showing another new day.

This life is a gift from God. Now it depends on us how we have to use it.

Appreciate everything God has given you and then see how you remain happy even in ordinary things.

Our life is good because God is great. Whenever you feel that God is not supporting you, then really he wants to take you to a better place than this.

God never lets all of us down because his love is unconditional.

God has a better plan for us than all of us.

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Thank God for everything you have received. Whether it’s good or bad. Some are like blessings and some are lessons.

God does not introduce us to the people we want but to those we need.

When God gives us new opportunities, we should not repeat old mistakes.

Seek God, believe in him and appreciate him.

Trust in God. He will bring the right people in your life, at the right time and for the right reason.

When you don’t know what plans God has for you and you still trust him, this is faith.

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God is present everywhere at all times, just need to be found.

God has given us the ability to complete work, not just to try.

The word of God is limitless and infinite.

God gives us difficulties so that we can get the best out of ourselves.

Never be afraid to trust the unknown plan, God has created for you.

If you are disappointed then understand that this is a way of God to say that you are going to get something better than this.

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Wherever you are, God will meet you, to bring you to where he wants you to reach.

God does not remove anything from your life unless he has something better to replace.

Don’t treat people the way they treat you, but treat them the way God treats you.

God didn’t bring you so far to leave your hand.

Every day is a God-given gift. No guarantee of tomorrow. That is why live well today.

You did not choose your family; God has given it to you as a gift.

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God never says that the journey will be easy but when you get the destination, you will forget all the pain.

Always trust God and never give up.

As we get closer to God, God will come closer to us and the light of God will grow in us.

Be alert all the time. God gives his hardest work to his strongest soldiers.

Thank you for all the blessings God has given us.

Whenever I count my happiness, my love for God grows more. And whenever I count my struggles, my faith for God grows stronger.

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Not one of us who is unimportant to God.

Prayer does not change God but changes who prays to God.

God guides you when you find yourself lost.

If you are blessed by God then everything is possible.

To love and help another person is the same as seeing the face of God.

The last destination of life is the house of God. Do not go to someone’s house empty-handed, so earn some karma.

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God does not give us everything that we want, but He leads us on the best and straight path that leads to him.

God says – Forgive everyone before sleeping, I will forgive you.

Whatever is in our heart, God have all the news. Because he is watching over us.

When God accepts your prayers then he also remove the hassle of everyone associated with you.

Never doubt God’s grace, if you have to doubt, doubt whether you deserve it or not.

If your intention is good then your devotion will also be true.

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God loves each one of us as if we are the only one for him.

It is easy to understand God until you have to explain it to someone.

Stay away from the mean world and live in devotion to God.

I am so carefree in your devotion that now I only care how to thank you.

People are very foolish who expect honesty from the world, People even change the God if their wishes not fulfilled.

Keep on praying to God, he will definitely listen to you.

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In the manner of God, God will never let any hindrance in doing any work of God.

Just as a grain of wheat gives us thousands of grains, similarly God gives you the fruits of good deeds.

Many people talk about true love and God, but very few people feel.

You doesn’t meet God by bowing your head, but you have to bow your mind.

God understands our prayers even when we have no words to say.

We do what we want but it is what God wants, so do what God wants and will be what you want.

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God loves us all. They want us to win over evil so that we can fulfill his promises for our lives.

Just as incense sticks make the whole house fragrant, in the same way, taking the name of God makes the whole life fragrant.

If you lose something, it is your foolishness and if you get something, it is God’s favor.

If there is no god, no life.

Oh God! Whether give me short life, but give it amazing.

If you want to get God, then love everyone, reform yourself before calling others bad.

God neither sees clothes nor sees color, nor does he see the way of worship, he only sees the heart of you.

When I wipe the mirror, I see myself clear, when I wipe my ego, then I see you.

My hard work is going on, it is all your mercy.

Remember God even when your prayer is accepted.

You are also the creator, you are also the destroyer.. I am a puppet in your hand, you are the one who makes me dance.

Keep my mind engaged in your devotion. Keep me away from evil deeds.

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