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10 Great Benefits Of Prayer
Do you know that prayer is one of the most powerful forces in the world?
🙏 ‌Prayer protects us.
‌If you pray protection over yourself, your family, and others, the angels and protective forces surround and protect you from harm. This is one powerful reason to pray. 🌹

🙏 ‌Prayer changes things.
‌if people would humble themselves, pray, and turn from sin, God will hear them, forgive their sins, and heal the land. Prayer changes circumstances, people, and the spiritual state of the land. 🌹

🙏 ‌Prayer keeps you in the will of God.
‌Praying will help you to get and stay in the will of God. As you pray, be sure to listen to the still, small voice within your spirit for direction and guidance. 🌹

🙏 ‌Prayer draws you closer to God.
‌Just like spending time with a friend enhances your friendship, spending time with God greatly enhances your relationship. The more time you spend, the more acquainted and intimate you can become. 🌹

🙏 ‌Prayer makes you happy.
‌Studies reveal that people who pray regularly experience less stress and tend to feel happier. The ability to let God know your thoughts, feelings, fears, and requests for yourself and others is a great stress reliever and faith builder.
Youll simply feel happier as well! 🌹

🙏 ‌Prayer gives you hope.
‌Sometimes life can throw some pretty awful things your way and you might be tempted to lose heart or give up on your hopes or dreams. Prayer is your answer to hopelessness.
Praying people hope even though they cant see with their physical eyes the solution or miracle, they believe prayers can be answered. When youre at your wits end and dont know what to do, pray. When youve run into the brick wall time and time again, pray and hope. Never lose hope. 🌹

🙏 ‌Prayer makes you less selfish.
‌If you take time for regular prayer, youll be reminded that life isnt all about you.
Life is about all of humanity and to only think about yourself can be selfish. Make a commitment to pray consistently and let your carnality be replaced by your spiritual nature. 🌹

🙏 ‌Prayer heals you from all pains.
‌Prayer not only brings about physical healings, but also emotional healings. The prayer of faith will save the one who is sick and the Lord will raise him up. And if he has committed sins, he will be forgiven.
Prayers for the sick ought to be prayed daily, as there really is power in such prayers. 🌹

🙏 ‌Prayer makes you stronger spiritually.
‌Just like healthy food gives your physical body nourishment and strength, prayer and reading the Word of God nourishes your spiritual nature. As you converse with God in prayer, you are drawing strength from Him and those you pray for are receiving strength as well. 🌹

🙏 ‌Prayer gives us peace.
The Holy Spirit is able to give you supernatural peace even in the toughest of times. Take your heartaches, fears, and biggest concerns to God in prayer. 🌹

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