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Always make sure that food brings you good health. Happy World Food Safety Day.

The safety of our food always comes before the taste of the food.

Food that is not safe for consumption will always be risky for your health.

Food is consumed for energy and nourishment and not to fall it.

Warm wishes on World Food Safety Day. Let us never take food safety easy.

Food that is safe is the food we all must consume. Happy World Food Safety Day.

Be cautious about the food you eat.

If you just slip with your food, you will end up with a trip to hospital.

It is important to take care of contamination in food to stay healthy.

If you are eating food prepared with hygiene, you are playing safe.

Many people suffer illness because of contamination in food.

We must always be careful about what we eat in order to stay healthy.

Food has the power to give us energy and also give us a disease if not cooked right.

There are many people who are making money by serving contaminated food.

Food safety is extremely important for each one of us.

Always eat food at places that promise healthy, fresh and hygienic food.

Hygiene in food is something that can never be ignored.

If there is no care taken in cooking food then your health is at risk.

Never compromise with the hygiene of your food to stay healthy.

Food that you consume is to bring you nourishment and no disease.

Taste is important in food but it doesn’t come before hygiene and health.

Food must always be cooked in a clean place using right ingredients.

Those who are casual with the food they eat, they often end up in trouble.

Food is extremely essential for our survival but always keep safety in mind.

Good and healthy food promises healthy future.

Always take care of your food and it will take care of you.

Food is not about quantity but it is certainly about quality.

Germ and adulteration free food is what we all must aim at.

Safety of our food is in our own hands.

Food needs attention or else we can get into tension.

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