Happy Canada Day Slogans

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I am proud to be born in the amazing country called Canada.

Having a home in Canada is a blessing.

Shake your head because you live in the greatest country, Canada.

Canada Day reminds us all that how blessed we are.

When I am in Canada, the world looks so beautiful.

Express your love to your country, express it to Canada.

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Always thank God for making you a Canadian and nothing else.

Being born as a Canadian is a blessing for all you know.

A Canadian would never love to go to any other country.

I am in Canada and what else would I want.

God may bless America but should give Canada the strength to deal with them.

I would never ever let anyone take my Canadian citizen for anything.

I am blessed that I am born and brought up in Canada.

Canada is the country which gives you a better perception of the world.

Canada is all about good people, good beer and mountains.

When in Canada, you don’t have to worry, you just have to enjoy.

Canadians don’t like to interfere in anyone’s affair.

Canada is a nice and beautiful country and I live here.

Some people think Canada to be an unrealistic country.

Canada is the country where God lives.

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