Happy Canada Day Wishes For a Canadian Friend

Happy Canada Day Wishes For a Canadian Friend
Warm greetings to my Canadian friend on Canada Day.
Also, best wishes to Canada.

It’s time to raise the flag
and have a good time with your family and friends!
Attend a parade or have a barbecue!
Canada Day is a holiday for you to enjoy.

Despite our geographical differences, my friend,
I wanted to share the joy of Happy Canada Day with you.
I wish you a wonderful day!

Let us join our spirits on this joyous occasion of Canada, my friend.
Let us reminisce about the good old days as we watch the parade pass by.
Happy Canada Day.

Canada, happy birthday!
And a really happy Canada Day to you and your loved ones!

Mate, spending a whole day watching a parade
while also receiving a holiday sounds like a dream come true.
Happy Canada Day.

Let’s have a lot of fun on this auspicious day.
On Canada Day, I’m sending you my best wishes.
Have a great time!

Canada Day was a turning point in Canadian history.
It is my hope that, like Canada Day, our friendship will hit new heights.

This picture was submitted by Smita Haldankar.

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