Parents Day Wishes From Son

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Happy Parents Day to the best parents of the world!
I am eternally grateful to both of you!

Dear mom and dad, you deserve all the happiness in life.
I pray to God that he gives me the power to make all your dreams come true. Happy Parent’s day!

You both have so many good qualities in you that as a son, I always feel the luckiest. You are everything that makes me happy. God bless both of you on this day!

Dear parents, Thank you for being so patient with me.
Even if I failed a hundred times, you two pushed me to stand up again.
Happy Parent’s Day!

Wishing you two a very Happy Parent’s Day, Mom and Dad!
May the smiles on your faces always remain intact like this!

Happy Parent’s Day! You made my journey beautiful
and helped me reach the epitome of success and happiness!
I love you two!

It is impossible to list all the things
you have sacrificed to keep me happy.
Thank you for everything! Happy Parent’s Day!

My amazing parents, you two are the most wonderful human beings
I have ever met! Thank you for being in my life.
Happy Parent’s Day!

Happy Parent’s Day! You taught me to be
a genuine, kind, passionate and empathetic human being
and I could not thank you two enough for that!

You are the most adorable parent in the world.
I owe you my life and everything y that makes me who I am.
Wishing you a happy parent’s day!

Thanks for not only being my parent but also
being my friend, my teacher and my mentor.
You are the light that guides me every day and every moment.
Happy parents day mom and dad!

I thank god every day for his blessings.
It was a gift for me to be born to the most wonderful parents in this world.
Happy parents day!

This picture was submitted by Smita Haldankar.

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